Pentane (99% Pentane)

Pentane (99% Pentane)

 CAS No: 109-66-0

H. S.: 29011000
UN: 1265
Purity: 99 %
We can provide pentane both in ISO-tank and steel drums.
Molecular formula: C5H12
H. S. NO.: 29011000
UN NO.: 1265

1 Application: Mainly used as solvent, to make artificial ice and anesthetics, to synthesis pentanol, isopentane, etc.

2 Package: In ISO Tank or 125kg steel drums

Pentane 99%

C4 and lighter component%(m/m): 0.0312
C6 and heavier component %(m/m): 0.0306
Aromatics mg/kg: <10
Sulfur mg/kg: <1
Nitrogen mg/kg: 2.79
Carbonyls as acetaldehyde mg/kg: <1
Bromine Index mg/100g: 916.50
Residue on Ignation mg/100ml: <1
IBP: 33.8ºC
Dry: 41.2ºC
Appearance: Colorless transparent liquid

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