Plate Settling/Filter Centrifuge

Plate Settling/Filter Centrifuge

 We have two kind of plate centrifuge, one is filter plate centrifuge, the other is settling plate centrifuge, which have been used for Chemical Industry, Food industry,Pharmaceutical,. Mine and Metallurgy, Environmental Protection. 

1. Filter plate centrifuge is simple in structure and easy in operation and maintenance. It is suitable for filtering particle suspension and for dehydration of fabric material and textile after printing and dyeing. And the material contact parts are made of stainless steel base and other parts of its body made of cast iron paint. 

2.Settling centrifuge is a plate upper discharge sedimentation type centrifuge , which has no wall holes, is sedimental. Operation and maintain is easy and convenient. The machine is suitable for separating of the materials whose solid-phase grain is small, stickness is large. And the filtered is difficult to be replaced. The machine corresponds to GMP series design. 

PSC-means the plate settling centrifuge 

PS-means the plate filter centrifuge 

type item         PSC/PS600-NC         
bowlwall  thickness(mm)          10         
inner  diameter(mm)          600         
height(mm)                   315         
Sedimentation  area(m2)  0.66         
Liquid  blocking  plate  diameter(mm)  420         
volume(L)                      45         
max  feeding(kg)         100         
speed(r/min)                   2500         
factor                         2000         
power(kw)                  4.0           
seize(mm)                 800x 800x 760         
weight(kg)                 610        

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